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Eat Like Your Ancestors

Fruits and vegetables are unquestionably good for you, but some are better than others. How can you tell which ones?

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Holmes and Watson - a Five and a Six

Sherlock – the BBC’s updated Sherlock Holmes reboot – is excellent. Holmes is written and played as a textbook Enneagram Five - the Investigator. 

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Doing What You Love… the Realities

I don’t care for the phrase “doing what you love” to describe pursuing your passion. It makes it seem like you spend your days skipping through a field of daisies.

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Seeds and the City

If Rome isn’t burning, it sure feels like it sometimes. Are there any possibilities short of a total reboot? Grow food in the city. Anywhere and everywhere.

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Batman: A Suspicious Six

There have been many interpretations of Batman since he first appeared in a comic in 1939, so there are portraits contrary to the one I’m about to paint, but I see him as an Enneagram Six - the Doubter, the Questioner, the Devil’s Advocate, the Loyalist.

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