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Ensemble Shows

Clue Live! A Walking Experience

Art Heist Experience - with Ming Hudson

A Sad-Ass Cabaret - with Lindsay Robertson

Point Counter Point - with Itai Erdal

PostSecret: the Show - with Frank Warren, Kahlil Ashanti & Justin Sudds

Old Nick - with Mike Rinaldi

Raunch: the Rise of Female Chauvinist Pigs - written by Alice Nelson and Jacqueline Russell, TJ dramaturged

Vancouver: a History Without Facts - with Mike Rinaldi

The Doctor is Sick (adapted from the novel by Anthony Burgess)

Toothpaste and Cigars - with Mike Rinaldi

Fort Steele Follies, or Constable Sparky and the Curse of the Hoodwinked Swede - with Mike Rinaldi

52 Pick-up - with Rita Bozi

Fort Steele Follies, or Constable Sparky and the Mystery Pirate Orphan - with Mike Rinaldi

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